2KGS N2O cylinder

1.8KGS~2KGS N2O CYLINDER 2KGS N2O cylinder filled 1.8KGS~ 2KGS Europe food grade E942 nitrous oxide gas for whipped cream chargers ,compare with other 615g N2O

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stainless steel cream dispenser

whipped cream dispenser

Whipped cream dispenser can contact with N2O cylinder via pressure regulator,also used for small 8g cream chargers cartridges cream whipped. Whipped cream whippers dispenser has

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1.1KGS Flavors N2O Tank

1.1KGS flavors N2O tank also called 2.2 liter 1100g N2O cylinder filled E942 food grade Nitrous Oxide gas. According to EN ISO 11118:2015 pressure vessel

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