Oxygen Cylinder

An Oxygen Cylinder is a high-pressure, non-reactive,seamless tempered steel container for compressed gas (O2) used for medical, therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. It gives the provision of supplemental oxygen to maintain aerobic metabolism during patient transport. We deal in different capacities depending upon the requirements of the patient.

SGC (Smart gas cylinder)Medical oxygen gas cylinders are offered in a wide variety of cylinder sizes to meet your volume requirements or particular working environment. The cylinder offers 300 litres of oxygen in a compact, portable package and other options where a significant volume is required include the cylinder with 6,800 litre capacity.

SGC can also provide customers with a wide range of cylinder trolley and storage solutions. Oxygen is perhaps the most widely used medical gas supporting resuscitation, inhalation therapy, life support for artificially ventilated patients, overcoming shock and reducing incidences of surgical wound infection.Oxygen also provides a basis for nearly all modern anaesthetic techniques.

Medical Oxygen Cylinder

Medical oxygen cylinder

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