8g cream chargers

8g cream chargers are wildly used in family catering. If you have dispensers, milk and use our food grade Nitrous Oxide, one minute you will get fast cream in your home. Easier, quicker, and safer.

Often, our cream chargers cartridges gas will be up to 8.2g, the much gas mixed with the milk can meet whole family use.

We are available:

10 pieces package cream chargers

24 pieces package cream chargers

50 pieces package cream chargers

Mint cream chargers 

Blueberry cream chargers

Strawberry cream chargers

Watermelon cream chargers 

What we can do for 8g cream chargers

* Different Flavors: We are available Mint, Strawberry, Blueberry, Watermelon cream chargers.

* No greasy residue:The cream foamer box is made of 100% recyclable stainless steel. Due to the cleaning in a proprietary facility, the charger has no metal fragments or oily substances, and will not produce a unique smell or oily taste for your cream.

* Compatible and multifunctional: Compatible with all standard 8g N2O whipped cream charger manufacturers and cream dispensers. Make vanilla or chocolate cream, mint or Bailey’s cream, hot or cold delicious foam, cocktail, breathable sauce, mousse etc. You can become a great chef immediately.

* Safe and non-leakage: The Nitrous Oxide charger uses a proprietary lid/closed system to ensure that there will be no gas leakage during the shelf life of the cartridge.


8g cream chargers

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