8g CO2 cartridges

Product 8g CO2 cartridges
Manufacturing methodSteel seamless cylinder
Cylinder gasco2/food gas
Bottle mouth7.3mm
Gas purity99.99%
Sealing methodwelded/riveted
Surface zinc platingwhite/gold zinc

Just enjoy your soda water!

8g food grade CO2 cartridges are mostly used in soda water.

In hot summer, no longer take times go out to the supermarket to buy Watsons, S.PELLEGRINO, SOURCY bottled sodas water. By using our soda bombs and mini water maker.,it only takes twominutes ,you will get a glass of refreshing soda.

We provide CO2 cartridges is food-grade carbon dioxide, it compliance with European food standards and US FDA standards.

Just enjoy your soda water!

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